Cut-Pro Dyneema Gloves

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Cut-Pro A3 Dyneema Gloves are extremely breathable, cool to the touch, and comfortable to work in all day long, or all "class" long!  With the use of Dyneema® Diamond Technology, these gloves will feel much lighter, due to the thinner fibers used, more flexible, cooler, and will last longer, also offering twice the amount of cut resistance that standard Dyneema fibers would in the same thickness. The 9672 glove will offer maximum durability to your shop class students and the best abrasion resistance of high performance fibers. With a 13-guage salt and pepper DSM certified® shell, and gray PU palm and fingertip coating, The Dyneema provides excellent overall abrasion, tear, and cut protection with an enhanced grip and wear. Ideal for automotive assembly, agricultural applications, landscaping, material handling, glass handling, HVAC and more!  This Cut Protection Glove comes straight from MCR Safety.

Item #: 9672


(No reviews yet) Write a Review