ProTector Nitrile Gloves

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Product Overview

Our Protector Nitrile AFR-282 Gloves come straight from MAPA Professional and make for an excellent choice of hand protection during chemical processing in the lab, agrichemical handling, acid cleaning, metal machining, shop maintenance, spray painting and much more! Nitrile material does not contain any proteins and is known to offer great resistance to oils, greases, hydrocarbon products, and chlorinated solvents. These Blue Nitrile Gloves feature a heavyweight blended 13", 26-mil reduced thickness, offering tactile sensitivity and quality protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions. The flock lining provides extreme comfort to students and perspiration absorption for prolonged use in class, while it’s embossed chain grip prevents solutions build-up on working surface, ensuring a non-slip grip. The AFR-282’s two-tone construction is a visual indicator of glove wear-through. ProTector gloves are not recommended to use in cold environments (< - 40 °C) as Nitrile will stiffen up. Gloves comply with 21 CFR, 170-199 and are available in sizes Small - XXL.

Item #: AFR282


(No reviews yet) Write a Review