Custom Cubicle Toppers

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Product Overview


Our Custom Cubicle Toppers are ideal for student work stations, where cubicles are being utilized, and it is challenging to practice physical distancing.  These clear, transparent panels are available in sizes up to 24" tall and 60" wide, and in a 1/8" or 3/16" thickness.  Cubicle toppers will sit securely on top of cubicle walls using the included brackets, which exact measurements will need to be provided as well, for accurate bracket fitting (standard cubicle walls are 2" wide).  The bottom of each panel will fit flush on top of the cubicle walls for added germ and virus protection. No tools or hardware are required to install, and the panels and brackets can easily be removed without any damage to your cubicles.

*For fastest delivery, choose 16" or 18" tall cubicle panels!*


(No reviews yet) Write a Review